•  Brand :  FERRIS
•  RL Frog :  
•  Type :  
•  Maker :  FERRIS BRICK CO.
•  City, State :  FERRIS, TX
•  Graves book :  T80

Front of Ferris Brick Company
Image Courtesy Texas Historical Commision

In 1950 Ferris was know as the “Brick Capital” of the Nation. It started with the finding of mineral clay and in 1895, J. T. Hurst formed the Atlas Brick Company. The second plant was Ferris Press Brick Company incorporated April, 1901. The third plant was Globe Press Brick Company organized in 1905. The Lone Star Press Brick Company was in operation prior to 1915. In 1919, W. J. Green established the Green Press Brick Company. The Diamond Press Brick Company, Cole Press Brick Company, and the Kooken Press Brick Company were also formed. Before 1920 rolled around, Ferris was producing 350,000 bricks each day with a capacity to produce 500,000. Bricks were shipped via both rail and wagon. In 1923, six brick companies merged into the Ferris Brick Company. They were Ferris, Globe, Lone Star, Diamond, Cole and Kooken Press Brick Company. Ferris Brick Company, run by Mr. Troy Wilson, was also famous for its show mules. The motto was “We Work Show Mules and We Show Work Mules.” These Ferris Brick Company mules won livestock shows all over the nation. The two mules, Bird and Lottie, became quite a famous pair.

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Atlas Brick Co.1895 T. J. Hurst

Globe Press Brick Co. Started in 1905 by the Weatherford family

Cole Press Brick Co. In operation until 1927.  All buildings gone in 1941. 1/2 mile north. west side of railroad

Diamond Press BrickCo. Later renamed Ferris Press Brick Co. Plant #1 in operation in 1941, west side of railroad.

Lone Star Press Brick Co. 1 mile north on west side of railroad. Buildings removed before 1941

Texas Press Brick Co. ½ mile North. In operation 1909-1925

Kooken Press Brick Co. Later renamed  Ferris  Brick Co. Plant #2  - 1/2 mile north on east side of railroad in operation in 1941

Ferris Press Brick Co. On west side of railroad. In 1930 the buildings were being removed

Green Press Brick Co. Organized in 1916 by W. J. Green ½ mile north.

Note: The distances indicated are from the post office when it was located on 6th Street where Cash & Mail Emporium is located now.

Sources: The Ferris Press, Thursday, September  17, 1992, Courtesy of Dennis & Karen Turner. Notes of Judge Grace C. McKnight

Cole, Ferris Press, Lone Star, Green Press, Diamond, and Kooken Press merged into Ferris Brick Co. Reliance Clay Products purchased Ferris Brick Company, then Henderson Clay Products Purchased Reliance Clay.

Bridgeport Brick Co. purchased Texas Press Brick Co. in 1926. In 1935, Acme Brick buys plants in Bridgeport and Ferris, TX,  from bankrupt Bridgeport Brick Co.

Courtesy Kathy Harrington at Ferris Library 8/22/2012


I worked in the brick plant for my uncle; our family owned part of the Ferris Brick Company. We got up at 4:00 AM to work on the kilns where bricks was made. They were fired for 28 days. Gas jets fired the bricks; we wore asbestos shoes and could stay under the tin roof only about 20 minutes because it was hot (≥110AF), and dehydration was a problem. Later in college, I thought the studies were very hard but never as hard as working the kilns in the brick plant. circa 1948 Interview with Wilson Weatherford MD -