•  Brand :  STANDARD
•  RL Frog :  
•  Type :  
•  City, State :  PALMER, TX
•  Graves book :  N204

Robert Smith established the Palmer Press Brick Company in 1902. In 1929 this brick company purchased the Standard Brick Company and the company was renamed Barron Brick Company. Barron Brick Company was a major supplier of the building brick in Ellis County. At one time there were two cotton gins in Palmer. Ellis County has long been an area known for its production of cotton and its excellent black land farming and Palmer boasted 2 cotton gins, Ellis County Gin & Merchants and Planters Gin. There was even a hotel in Palmer once, the Palmer Hotel, located at the corner of Main & Marshall Streets. The Schwartz brothers had a Blacksmith Shop. There was a lumberyard, hardware stores, general mercantile stores, and in the 1920’s a newspaper called the “Palmer Rustler” with Mr. Greenwood Maddux as Editor. There was the City Garage, The Ice House, McKeever Chevrolet Company, The Interurban (tracks still exist in Palmer), Stacks Livery Stable, Barron Brothers Store, Barron-Davis Funeral Home, J. B. Elgan & Sons Mercantile, Sunshine Cleaners, McIntosh Drug Store, Collins Dry Goods, Reddell & Sons, The Post Office (and “Miss Hattie”); and who could ever forget, Jack Oates’ Mobil Station.